Roll Pass Designing – time frame and life cycle of the  process

  • 1. Analyze and provide technical assessment of feasibility to launch production of a new/modified product in conditions of a given mill. 2-4 weeks
  • 2. Schedule and cost estimation for elaborating the technological documentation. 1-2 weeks
  • 3. Designing the shape of the rolls, making the FEM 3D simulations, prototyping the guiding equipment, rolls for straightening machine, and drawing the acceptance gauges. 3-4 MONTHS
  • 4. Modification of technical and technological documentation in case of negative result of industrial trial or to improve quality of the product and productivity of the process. 1-4 MONTHS

1.Preliminary analysis
2.Product development

Please note, however, that presented time frames are intended solely for your information and shows the general view for the life cycle of the roll pass design and improvement projects. 
Each separate task/order with reference to the cooperation agreement will include stipulations specific to the order, such as the scope of the work, method of execution, and delivery dates.